Lost in London: Live

Throughout the history of film, there have been groundbreaking moments from CGI to a simple green screen. Now, in 2017, there is another moment in film history that will be remembered. That being Lost in London, written, directed and starring Woody Harrelson. If you’re wondering what’s so different about this film, here it is; the entire thing is to be watched live. That’s right, all 100 or so minutes are going to be streamed live as it happens, to various cinemas internationally. Not only that but it’s also going to be shot as only one uninterrupted shot.


This one-off feature film also stars Owen Wilson (as Owen Wilson) and Willie Nelson, again, as himself. The plot of this film is loosely based off Harrleson’s previous trip to London when he got arrested. Although he is aware that thing could go very wrong, as with any live performance, Harrelson was adamant on completing the entire film.

Everything went alright on the night, with no major glitches to cause a panic. For the purpose of real-time, the true story had to be tweaked but that didn’t mean any less comedy. There was an ongoing gag of Harrelson being mistaken for his namesake, Woody Allen, and many more within the rest if the film.

What groundbreaking film would you like to see next?

Live Long And Prosper – E


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