Childhood Films And Television Shows

We all had certain films or television programs we used to watch all the time growing up. Now that we’re all older, these films bring nostalgia and make us think back to those times we would sit down in front of the TV and pop a film into the VHS player. I thought I would share a few of my favourite films and television shows from my childhood, let me know in the comments what your childhood films were.


Surprisingly, a lot of the time when I tell my friends about this film, they’ve never heard of it. Growing up this was for sure one of my favourite films, we owned it on VHS. Watching it back now, the whole idea of the film is pretty weird and makes no sense, yet it’s still so good. The theme song, however, was and still is an ultimate jam. This film starred Michael Jordan and all of the Looney Tunes, Bugs Bunny leading the pack of course. Space Jam ultimately is a sports film and with the star being Michael Jordan, it’s pretty obvious that is all about basketball.


Everytime the Pokémon theme song plays, it takes so much strength not to sings along. Again, I owned some of these on VHS and I can’t tell you how many times I watched it. Of all episodes, the one I watched the most was definitely the Sabrina episode, the first appearance of the Ghost Pokémon. It’s for sure a show that you can never grow out of and never forget Team Rockets spoken introduction. Indigo League was the very first season and for me, is still and will always be the best.


I feel like of all film series there is one that you, either intentional or accidental, watch more than the others. For Star Wars it’s The Phantom Menace. This is probably because it was the first one I watched and had on VHS. That was until it would be on Television and we would record it on any spare tape we had.


If you’re looking for an excellent animated film to watch, I definitely recommend Pixars A Bugs Life. It’s one of those feel good films that is so easy to just keep watching, possibly why I watched it so many times growing up. The film came out in 1998 and since then has been one of my favourite Pixar films.


Taking a small trip to the most iconic Christmas film, Home Alone. I remember at the beginning of every December just wanting to sit down and watch this film, although I still wait for December every year just so I can watch Christmas films. I feel like this is the kind of film that seems completely ridiculous and plausible in any circumstance, but it’s not easy to dislike this classic.


Also called the Sorcerer’s Stone, the first installment of one of the most popular film series of all time, also one of my favourites. Although this film came out in 2001 I was only 5 and didn’t see it until 2003. It just so happens that it was the first films I owned on DVD, however, when I received it I was clueless as to what it actually was. But in my defense, DVDs hadn’t been around for very long. Since then I have absolutely fallen in love with Harry Potter, all thanks to The Philosopher’s Stone. 

That was only a short list of some of my favourite films I watched growing up and would love to hear what your childhood films were. Let me know in the comments!

Long Live And Prosper – E


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