One Films Unanswered Question

If you haven’t seen Castaway by now, go away and watch it then come back and join me in the frustration of this films unanswered question.

Backtracking to the plot of this film; Chuck Noland (portrayed by Tim Hanks) is an international manager for FedEx and the sole survivor of a plane crash, landing on a deserted tropical island. He spent four years on that island learning to fend for himself and survive by catching fish with a spear and more. Finally, he takes his chances by setting off on a self made raft in hope of finding civilization.

As Noland works for FedEx, a collection of packages washed up on shore along side himself. Realising he’s going to be there a while, he decides to open them and one introduces us to his only friend on the island, Wilson. This being a volleyball.


However, he made made a decision not to open one of the FedEx packages which to this day asks the most frustrating unanswered question of all unanswered questions….



He could have opened it just like all the others, but no. Instead we get the torture of never knowing what it was.


What if it was something to help him get off the island. A way of contacting civilization. Maybe it was just a board game, who knows. Not us, we’ll never know.



Rant over.

Let me know in the comments what you think may have been in the FedEx package.

Long Live And Prosper – E


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