13th Doctor: Hit Or Miss?

As Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor comes to an end on the long running TV series Doctor Who, the biggest question on everyone’s mind, “Who is going to play the next Doctor?”


There have been all sorts of lists and rumors about who will next take on the role of the beloved Time Lord, reading through these the suggestions range from the Academy Award winning actress Viola Davis to the crime solving, superhero Benedict Cumberbatch. But the latest wave of rumors is surrounding a certain British actor.

You may know him from Richard Curtis’ Love Actually or the 2011 show Death in Paradise, Kris Marshall is the most recent name being put out there. Whatever the reason, Kris Marshall announced his departure from Death in Paradise oddly close to Peter Capaldi announcing his leave from Doctor Who and coincidence or not, this lead fans to speculate a possible new Doctor.

Since this rumor has made its way through the internet, fans of Doctor Who from all over the world have been sharing, either, their disapproving or accepting opinion of this new-found information. As it currently hasn’t been confirmed whether this speaks true of the new Doctor, the window is still open to who will be appearing as the 13th Doctor.


If this casting happens to be true, personally, I am neither happy nor upset about this options. Although I was surprised when I first came across this news and thought Marshall was an unexpected choice, I am not going to hate on it until I see what happens. Looking back at previous characters portrayed by Marshall, he tends to bring in the funny and slightly odd roles and that is exactly was the Doctor is, funny and slightly odd. With this in mind, I think this casting option could pan about very well and soon we might see Kris Marshall on our screens again in the next season on Doctor Who.

Let me know in the comments what you think about this casting option and who you think would be an excellent Doctor.

Live Long And Prosper – E


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