Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

This time last week I headed off to the cinema, grabbed a bucket of popcorn and sat down to enjoy the long-awaited sequel to the box office hit Guardians of the Galaxy, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2! Set to yet another excellent soundtrack, this film is no doubt going to leave everyone tapping their toes, full of laughter and wanting more. I wanted to make a quick recap of the film but through the eyes of each character, starting with the infamous StarLord.


Peter Quill (StarLord)

Who doesn’t love this music loving hero, but we all had that one question in our mind, who is his father? Of course, we already knew that he is originally from Earth but is only half-human and in Vol. 2, we get the answer. It just so happens that Quill’s father, Ego, is a Celestial being meaning that he himself, is half-Celestial. This explains why he could hold the infinity stone for so long, avoiding destruction. As Quill was enjoying his time getting to know his father, a secret plan was put in place (See Ego down below to read about it) but he refused to help. This inevitably lead to the necessary fight between good and evil. After Peter Quill saved Yondu from death, they had a quick moment as father and son. Obviously not biological but after all, Yondu was the only father figure he ever had.


Gamora and Nebula

These two sisters were still at each other’s throats during most of the film. While Gamora was already on Ego’s planet trying to figure out what was really going on, Nebula was making her way there in order to end the life of her adoptive sister. Towards the end they’re working together rather than against. It was after Gamora saved her life when they truly found out what was happening. At the end Nebula then had the chance to save Gamora’s life and she took it. We start to understand why there is so much hatred between them as Nebula says “All I wanted was a sister”, hopefully when they reunite in Infinity War there will be no more bad blood. Lastly, Gamora still refused to admit anything between herself and Quill, that is until she mentions “something unspoken”.

Rocket and Baby Groot

These two kind of go together like two peas in a pod. Rocket is his usual badass and hilarious self and Baby Groot is absolutely adorable. In the opening, we see the Guardians on a mission, Rocket is setting up a sound system and Groot dances along to Electric Light Orchestra’s, Mr Blue Sky. These two provide a lot of comical additions to the film and are easily two fan favourite characters. Certain circumstances (Including them being taken by the Ravagers) lands Rocket and Yondu in a holding cell on the Ravager’s ship (see Yondu below) and after possibly the saddest part of the film, the Ravagers bullying Baby Groot, he helps them escape after many failed attempts. To win the fight against Ego, Rocket entrusts Baby Groot to a task, this being taking an explosive device and setting it off at Ego’s core and he was as successful as I thought he’d be.


Drax the Destroyer

The very logical mind of Drax is yet another addition of comic relief to the film. On Ego’s plant, he gets along well and makes a fast connection with Mantis (see below) as they both tend to be less able in the social circle. As in the first one, we see that Drax rather enjoys terrifying experiences such as when Quill and Rocket had to crash land the ship while he was hanging outside the ship connected by a single rope. At the end of the film we again see the hero in Drax come out as he carries Mantis to the safety of the ship. Still, through all they went through in this film, he never forgot his mission to avenger his family and kill Thanos.


Yondu Udonta

By the end of the film, Yondu had officially been welcomed to the Guardians and procured a larger head fin which resembles more closely to his comic counterpart. Back to when I mentioned him sitting in a holding cell on his own ship and with Rocket, this is what happened. His crew thought he was becoming too soft (although Kraglin later came back) and Taserface lead a mutiny against Yondu. While in the cell, he sits and listens to Rocket explain how they are both the same. A high-ranking Ravager, Stakar Ogord/Starhawk (Sylvester Stallone) gets into a verbal argument with Yondu but later shows up to honour his memory. Why? Because Yondu gave up his own life to save Quill’s which brought together Ravager’s from all over for a Ravager’s farewell.



Although Ego was kind enough to raise Mantis, he was however, the unexpected villain of this film. First he saved the Guardian’s lives, welcomed Quill to his planet with open arms and the way he talked about his mother, who would’ve guessed. As the last Celestial being, he wanted to find meaning and as he traveled through the galaxy, he realised it and put a plan into place. Ego planned to take over all planets and make them become himself. However, he couldn’t do it on his own. Ego had many, many children and waited to find one that possessed the powers of a celestial, this happened to be Quill. But when Quill refused, Ego forced him against his will. Just when it couldn’t get worse, it did, Ego admitted that he himself killed Quill’s mother by putting the tumor in her brain. But what he didn’t expect, Quill fought back with all he had.



Being raised by Ego on a planet all alone, Mantis never experienced social interaction and learned this from the other Guardians. This latest addition to the Guardians has Empathetic powers which allows her to feel what other feel just by the touch of their skin. She uses this power a few times on Drax, to feel his joy and laughter and to feel the pain from the loss of his family. Mantis was afraid, afraid of Ego and his plan. She joined the Guardians to stop Ego and save the galaxy.


Aside from those main characters I’ve mentioned, a few more include Taserface, Ayesha, Kraglin and a cameo appearance from David Hasselhoff.

Marvel have gone and done it again, creating an excellent film I wouldn’t mind watching again……. and probably again. If you’ve seen the film, let me know what your thoughts about it and who your favourite character is from the Guardians. If not, I recommend going to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, right now!

Live Long And Prosper – E



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