MARVEL’S The Defenders

We’ve already been given a Netflix original of Jessica Jones, Luge Cage and recently, an Iron Fist show. Now we’re about to be given another Netflix Marvel series.

Marvel’s The Defenders is set to be released in August of this year. The crime fighting team based in New York City consists four heroes; Jessica Jones (a PI with the ability of Superhuman strength and flight), Luke Cage (Superhuman strength and stamina and bulletproof skin), Daredevil (As described in the trailer ‘a blind ninja’) and Danny Rand or more commonly know as, Iron Fist (the ability to summon superhuman energy through his hand).


As seen above from left to right; Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones.

I do however have a question about Danny Rand, that is, will he be able to redeem himself to many Marvel fans. After the release of his own series, Iron Fist, many fans were ‘disappointed’ and didn’t particularly like this new show by Netflix and Marvel. I for one didn’t hate the show, it wasn’t my favourtie comparing to other shows like Jessica Jones and Luke Cage but I certainly don’t think it deserved all the hate it received.

Like a lot of Superhero films or shows, a team comes together for one sole purpose. In this case, it is to defend and save New York City. In the recently released trailer, we get to see each of the hero’s individual personality’s band together to fight against there enemy. A character created specifically for this series, The Defender’s common enemy is a powerful and dangerous woman, Alexandra, portrayed my non other than Sigourney Weaver.

Watch the trailer below!

After watching the trailer above, let me know your thoughts are on the new Netflix/Marvel series The Defenders.

Live Long And Prosper – E


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