Riverdale: Anatomy of a Murder

One of Netflix’s’ most recent and popular shows is coming to an end. With only one more episode of season 1 to go, the Riverdale killer has been uncovered. The entire episode, ‘Chapter twelve: Anatomy of a Murder’, was dropping bombshell after bombshell. Let’s have a recap of what happened.


In the previous episode we saw F.P. get arrested for the murder of Jason Blossom, however, Archie and Veronica had evidence he wasn’t guilty but was being framed. After finding out his friends went behind his back and his fathers arrest, Jughead calls his mother but she refuses to let him move in with her. Meanwhile, in the interrogation with F.P., he confesses to everything, including the murder of Jason. When the story of the arrest is released in the papers, Cheryl has an outburst at Jughead during school and he learns that he is being suspended.

Alice and Betty catch Hal breaking into the house to destroy evidence which he stole from the sheriffs home and they learn the family secret. This secret was possibly the biggest suprise in the episode, that the Coopers are, in fact, Blossoms by blood. Thus meaning that Jason and Polly’s relationship was technically incest. The Coopers show up and take Polly back to their home.


Mary, Archie’s mother, poses as F.P.’s lawyer and advises Jughead to go visit his father where he tells him to never come see him again. Continuing to try prove the innocence of Jughead’s father, Archie and Veronica enlist the help of Joaquin, Kevin’s serpent boyfriend. With his help, they track down one of F.P.’s associates but when they show up at his place, they find him dead of an overdose. When the police arrive, they find a bag full of money with Hermione’s initials on it but Veronica tells the police that it’s actually Hiram’s initials.


With both Hermione and Hal cleared as suspects, Betty and Jughead follow a lead from Kevin who got information from Joaquin. They find the varsity jacket that belonged to Jason. Betty searches the pockets and find a USB drive. On this is a video, a video of Clifford Blossom murdering his son. Betty informs Cheryl. Nevertheless, Jughead is told that his father’s other charges will not be dropped. Hermione tells Veronica that her father has been formally released and will return home, while Mary heads back to Chicago.


We also learn that F.P. confessed to the crime to protect Jughead as Clifford made a threat, F.P. takes the wrap for it or Jughead gets the same fate as Jason. When the police arrive at the Blossom residence to arrest Clifford, Cheryl and Penelope direct them to the syrup distillery where they find his corpse hanging next to several open casks filled with drugs.

This episode was definitely one of the most intense and was filled with post twists from beginning to end. Here’s my theory about why Clifford did it. He somehow learns of Jason and Polly’s plan. Jason, however, is the golden boy and Clifford couldn’t stand to see his son leave. He did what he could to keep him from leaving, he told Jason about how Polly is a blood relative but Jason still wanted to run away with Polly, so he did what he thought he had to do. Clifford shot his son and took the ring back.

Let me know in the comments what your theory is on why Clifford killed Jason and also, what do you think is going to happen in the next season.

Live Long And Prosper – E


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