Does Supernaturals dead stay dead?

If you’re an avid watcher of CW’s Supernatural and are yet to watch the season 12 finale, make sure you see it before continuing to read on!


My eyes were glued to the screen from beginning to end in this season finale and it was a full on roller coaster for all characters. It had Dean, Sam, Castiel and Mary fighting together against Lucifer for the control of his unborn child. It’s an action packed and tear-jerker of an episode.

If you already didn’t like the British Men of Letters, here’s a reason to. Ketch, with no mercy, locks the Winchester brothers (along with Lady Toni Bevell) in the bunker and cuts off their electricity, water and air supply, leaving them to die. Sam tries to escape using magic and Dean tries to use pure strength, but both fail. However, this situation finally gave Dean an excuse to use the grenade launcher he’s carried all these season and blew a hole in the wall. He manages to get out and unlock bunker.


Ketch, again, has no mercy against what he does to the Winchesters. While the boys are trapped in the bunker, he sends a brainwashed Mary Winchester on a killing spree of American hunters, including Jodi Mills. Let’s be honest, Jodi is a complete badass and with the assist of Alex, knocks Mary out and calls the boys who come to help once they’re free. Unfortunately, Toni was lying about being able to reverse Marys brainwashing.

They rally up a few more hunters and after Sam gives a hero’s speech about how they need to fight back as a team, they head off the the British Men of Letters. Because of an injury suffered when escaping the bunker, Dean heads back to the bunker with Toni and Mary so Dean can enter his Mums psyche to try and bring her back.


This is where the deaths of the episodes start happening.


While Dean is in Marys head, Ketch arrives back to the bunker and kills Toni, causing Dean to come back to reality. He wakes up to see her throat slit and lying on the floor. As we watch Ketch point the gun at Dean, ready to pull the trigger, He gets shot first. Mary has come back from her brainwashing and kills Ketch, saving Dean.


It’s easy to say that these two characters will definitely stay dead, I can’t imagine any fans being pleased at the return of Toni and Ketch.



This mother and son duo both fie is this season finale, although very differently. We don’t actually see the death of Rowena and she is killed off screen by non-other than the archangel, Lucifer. She was basically burnt to a crisp. Crowley, however, died honorably. Here’s the thing, with Lucifer’s child close to being born, a crack was opened to another earth. Crowley devised a plan to trap Lucifer on that earth, but to complete the spell someone had to die and in a moment of true sacrifice, Crowley stabs himself with an angel blade.

For the most part, the fans tend to like these two characters so I wouldn’t be surprised if there was no disappointment in the return of Rowena and Crowley. At the same time, if think the show would be better off keeping them dead.



I don’t know what to say about this one, the death of Cas was unforeseen and as sad as the death of a character could be. Cas was allied alongside the Winchesters to fight Lucifer, charging full speed at him. It was a huge relief when he made it back to our earth…. only to be followed. To make matter worse, just a Cas got back, Lucifer comes out and stabs him in the back with an angel blade. RIP our favourite angel.

I really hope they bring Castiel back, whether or not its possible to resurrect an angel, Supernatural wouldn’t be the same without him.



If there weren’t enough questions already; will Crowley or Castiel come back, what will become of Lucifer’s child and what will happen to Lucifer himself, there’s the lingering question of what will happen to Mary Winchester. She was beating Lucifer back into the other earth when he grab her and pulled her through just as the crack closed.


Will Mary make it back to his boys on our earth or be forever stuck on the other earth with Lucifer? But on the positive side, we did get to see Bobby again, slightly different than how we know him, but Bobby non-the-less.

Let me know in the comments what your predictions are for season 13 of Supernatural!

Live Long And Prosper – E


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