The Next Spider-Man Villain

During Spider-Man’s time in the MCU, he’s gone up against villains including; Green Goblin, Doctor Otto, The Lizard, Electro and now Vulture. But there are still many, many other villains he’s fought in the comics and who knows who we’ll be seeing next on the big screen.

I was taking a look through all of Spider-Man’s previous villains and picked out a couple that I would love to see Spider-Man fight and would thrive in the MCU. The first of the two:


The Mysterio alias has been used several times in the Marvel Comics by different characters, most commonly used by enemies of Spider-Man. The Mysterio alias made his first comic appearance back in 1975, a February edition of The Amazing Spider-Man. These Marvel character that have used this alter ego is Quinten Beck (The first and most distinguished), Daniel Berkhart and Francis Klum.


Each incarnation had their own special abilities. Beck, as he was human, was a special effects and illusionist expert, master hypnotist and magician, amateur chemist and roboticist, excellent hand to hand combat and use of weapons. Klum However, he is a human mutant and has abilities far beyond any human. These abilities were teleportation, telepathy and telekinesis. If Mysterio was to ever appear in the MCU the question remains, who would take on this alter Ego? Who would be the biggest threat to Spider-Man, Beck, Berkhart or Klum?


Shathra is a Spider-Man villain who is not of the earth we live, but rather, an inhabitant of the Astral Plane (an alternative dimension in an equivalent space to our own). First appearing in an Amazing Spider-Man comic from December 2002, referred to as the ‘Spider-Wasp’ to Peter’s ‘Spider’, I think she may be one of Spider-Man’s greatest competition. Although she possesses powers similar to those of Spider-Man, hers are much superior and has a few more extra. This list of abilities Shathra has are as follows; Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, reflexes and sense of smell, regenerative healing factor, flight, Shapeshifting and teleportation.


If Shathra was to be worked into the MCU, I do think that she would push Spider-Man to his limits and not only that but she looks pretty badass too. Physically, she has black skin and hair, glowing white eyes, wings, a height of 6’2” and some dangerously sharp claws.

Since Peter Parker has gone up against a huge array of villains during his time, there might well be a part two of this in the future. Let me know in the comments who you would love the see Spider-Man fight in the MCU.

Live Long And Prosper – E


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